About Us

uSkill Academy is a fast-rising, UK-based cybersecurity training academy with a track record in producing reliable world-class experts with readiness to adapt innovations, and combat against the ever changing nature of cybercriminals and security threats. Our courses are designed based on market research to equip IT professionals, fresh university graduates and corporate employees with the knowledge and abilities they need to be the best in the industry and navigate the next critical steps of their success ladder.

Our passion is to provide u-skill.

The team is made up of professional hackers, tutors and executives who impart the knowledge to our trainees’ needs to excel. Our courses include high-demand and job oriented certifications in:

• Ethical Hacking
• VA/PT (Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing)
• Web Application Security
• Cyber Security certifications online/Offline/Classroom
• Mobile Application Security
• Network Security
• Cloud Security
• IOT Security
• Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator
• Security Compliance
• Cyber Hygiene
• Cyber Security Awareness among others
• And various others

Our training includes theoretical classes and hands-on practical sessions, using de facto security tools, practiced by hackers, crackers and security agencies, and the trainees get the chance to choose from our numerous course offerings.

Our Hacker Factory

Most of our certification programs are highly intensive and have worldwide recognition. These have received endorsements from various bodies including government agencies. We take pride in the fact that we’ve trained and certified over 10000 students from more than 10 countries of the world and we never relent in training more interested candidates in our Hacker Factory. Our candidates have been placed in world’s top organisations.
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Our Team

We are working in conjunction with our technology partners, advisors, recruiters, and corporates and to generate a high skilled Cyber Security workforce. We have excellent back office team and once you have opted for a course, they ensure that you are looked after well at every stage. Our teachers are always ready to help you in exam preparation and resolving your queries.

Learn From Professionals

Courses are designed by real world hackers. With our dedicated student’s platform, you can track your learning and improve upon it. Revisit any chapter

Industry recognized certification

Build your career with a certification course that is recognised by corporate groups and premier educational institutes

Flexible learning options

You can plan your lessons with our instructors as per your convenience including weekends. We can always find a lesson plan to fit your schedule. Various modes of learning with flexi schedule gives freedom that fits best for working professionals.

Live testing projects

Many of our courses offer Live testing projects.

Valuable employability skill

Formal education of IT security is a valuable highlight in your skill set. Not only it improves your employability manifold, but it also earns better jobs and pay-cheques.