6 Months Industrial Training in ETHICAL HACKING & PENETRATION TESTING with live projects

This is a six months internship linked training course which gives detailed insight on Cyber Security to IT professionals. Walk out by becoming a certified VA/PT expert.

  • Instructor Led Online
  • 80 hours
  • Certification Exam
  • English  
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Internship experience certificate

Course Description

During this training, you will be included in a real-life hacking project. The training covers advanced concepts of Hacking, Web Application Security, Mobile hacking, Pen Testing among other major modules.In well-designed comprehensive modules, the course covers hundreds of offensive and defensive techniques using tools commonly used by hackers. The major takeaways of this course include successfully building a career in Cyber Security.




This course is for IT professionals and students in Computer Science who wants to walk out with Pentisting experience on real life project. By working on Live Pentesting project, you walk-the-talk as Pentrster in your interviews or up-coming projects. You learn modern detection and response mechanism being used by ethical hackers and pen testers. Earning this certificate will lead you to become an ethical hacker and a pen tester.




·        Internship Experience Certificate

·        Live Pentesting project

·        Industry recognized government accredited certification

·        Study Materials, Resources and Books

·        Software Tool kits

·        Video Lectures

·        Lifetime access to e-learning portal

·        CV detoxing

What will I learn?

Students learn the basics of IT security, types of threats and their remediation strategies.

The curriculum is broadly designed around the following topics

·        Introduction to Cyber Security

·        Cyber Laws and Compliances

·        Basics of Networking

·        Cryptography

·        Footprinting

·        Network Scanning (Probing)

·        Spoofing

·        System Hacking

·        Web Application Security

·        Injection

·        Mobile Application

·        Web Server

·        Firewall, IDS and IPS

·        Malware

·        Denial of Service Attacks

·        Wireless Security

·        Social Engineering

·        Cloud Security

·        IoT Security

·        Pentesting

Course curriculum

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