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ISCP - Information Security Certified Professional

By doing ISCP course, you will learn all modules of Ethical Hacking and Information Security to the advanced level. Get more practical learning on real-time projects and get hands-on-experience on LIVE projects with the best testing tools.

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  • Instructor Led Online
  • 80 hours
  • Certification Exam
  • English  
  • Skill Level: Basic

Course Description

ISCP is a complete Cyber Security Course including all the 20 modules of Cyber Security and gives more practical learning with a certification exam.  It allows you to understand the advanced concepts of hacking, cybersecurity and security assessment in a simple and logical manner. Live practical scenarios and demonstrations help in a clear understanding of the topics. It will help you to jump-start your career in IT security. You may then directly land jobs in various MNCs or start your own consulting business.



The course has been designed by hackers with years of experience and highly skilled trainers. Our trainings are disruptive to monotonous traditional training methods:

·       More hands-on - 75% that teaches various threat intelligence 

·       8 hours of lab based certification test

·       We keep updating our courses with current trend

It is trusted as to be at par with any ethical hacking programs, and includes even the module of the penetration tester.



·        Industry recognized certification

·        Study Materials, Resources and Books

·        Software Tool kits

·        Video Lectures

·        Lifetime access to e-learning portal

·        Live testing projects

·        CV detoxing

·        Post training support


Let's learn the art of cyber security from masters!!

What will I learn?

ISCP course is an 80-hour instructor-led training and practical based certification course. It assumes a minimal understanding of the IT system, on the trainees’ part.

Although it touches bases some of the basics without wasting too much time it jumps into teaching most advanced concepts of both defensive and offensive skills of hacking.

·        Basics of Networking

·        Cryptography/Encryption

·        Footprinting

·        Network Scanning (Probing)

·        Spoofing

·        System Hacking, Threat Management, IDS/IPS

·        Web Application Security

·        Injection

·        Mobile Application

·        Web Server

·        Firewall, IDS and IPS

·        Malware

·        Denial of Service Attacks

·        Wireless Security

·        Social Engineering

·        Cloud Security

·        End-point Security

·        IoT Security

·        PenTesting

Course curriculum

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