WASCP - Web Application Security Certified Professional

This is 40 hours of the advanced and hands-on skill development program with detailed insight of hacking, web application security and vulnerability assessment, designed for students, developers, and professionals.

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  • Instructor Led Online
  • 40 hours
  • Certification Exam
  • English  
  • Skill Level: Basic

Course Description

WASCP is a 40 hours course spread over Six Weeks Online Instructor Led training.  Web application security is in a constant state of flux. You will be able to know more about safeguarding sensitive data, ensure availability and mitigate threats. While the theory classes ensure you have the all building blocks by delving into advanced concepts of hacking, web application security, and vulnerability assessment, the intensive lab sessions let you be hands on so that you imbibe your learnings.



It will boost your career in the cyber world and you may get jobs in various MNC's or can start your own business. Here you also going to do hands-on practice over real-time projects.

Our alumni are already placed into organizations like – Amazon, Snapdeal, The Times Groups, EY, Verizon, Oracle, Sapient, TCS, Wipro etc.



·        Industry recognized certification

·        Study Materials, Resources and Books

·        Software Tool kits

·        Video Lectures

·        Lifetime access to e-learning portal

·        Live testing projects

What will I learn?

Students learn to develop the defensive skill of OWASP Top 10 Security Risks such as injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), broken authentication and access control, as well as common attacks such as session hijacking, cookie poisoning and more.


The curriculum is broadly designed around the following topics

·        Introduction to Cyber Security

·        Footprinting

·        hudhj

·        Web Application Security

·        Injection

·        Pentesting

Course curriculum

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